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Journal Entry: September 27, 2014

I’m so used to releasing words thru my writings for I don’t know what to do with them if they stay in my brain. But no matter how often I let them go, they come back. Mostly in waves. The words that matter surprisingly come back multiplied and attached with even stronger heartstring.


Time passes but moments linger
In the known cracks of a heart
Sweet memories are remembered
By a soul once torn apart
Paced through the broken remains
Emptiness was swept away
Shine, the heavens proclaim
The darkness has gone away

Happy Thoughts

One hundred thoughts to ponder today
But it’s you I think of in my favorite way
Coz you know for your presence I thirst
My happy thoughts are about you first
Each moment I hope you’ll be pleased
With the joy of my heart released
To this place, any place, with you
For it’s where my happiness comes true


I’m not sure what makes me stay
When you think, feel, and act this way
Give your feelings and take them away
I’ll still love you anyway
Lingering in the far corner of my mind
Hollow feelings we set aside
But if I hand you all my pain
Will you still love me anyway?

Prayer Poem (No. 16)

I bow down with this heaviness inside
I call on You as I let my tears come by
Father I can’t fathom all Your mystery
But call me to do things and I’ll be worthy
I get down on my knees with confusion
All I need is Your strength to carry on
You won’t make me strong to just let go
So teach me Your way and I’ll follow

Holding On To One Good Day

Time ticks and then it goes where?
When happy fades you are but broken
Hoping to be picked up when left bare
Through it all loneliness strikes again
Unfair to let Him in only when sad
Abused is the grace sent your way
Confessing the wrongs won’t be bad
Hopefully holding on to one good day


You make me happy when I least deserve
You pray for me when I struggle in faith
You steady my belief with the God you serve
You complete my idea of love and hate
You remind me that it’s okay to be weak
You know my bitter tears water my dreams
You show me that your nature is meek
You have the might to tame my extremes


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