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lyric, noun

I pray tonight I’ll see your world
Where the moon rises and find you beautiful
Yes tonight I’ll live to see your world
Where the stars come out and call you beautiful

reclaim, trans. verb

You didn’t leave though you expected to
For you needed me more than you know
I’d never let you fall, I’d fallen for you
My faith in you didn’t allowed you to go
We’ve gone through all the heart’s pain
Now we’ve got no more clouds in our way
We’ve paced through the broken remains
No more rain will fall in the twilight of day
Dreams we’ve thrown we’ve found again
We’re okay, the moon and stars proclaim
No more empty rooms and walls remain
We shine as one, the darkness went away

Magandang Umaga

Ang panibagong umaga ay sasapit kahit pigilan ko
Ang araw ay sisikat kasabay ng pagbangon mo
Ang mga ulap ay magbibigay-daan sa tamis ng ngiti mo
Sa oras na banggitin mo ang panalangin mo
Tiyak na magiging buo na ang araw ko
Kung kasama ako sa ipinagdarasal mo

Prayer Poem (No. 2)

Each morning I tumble and get down on my knees
I fall before the love, Your perfect love, that changes me
Power and redemption from Your holiness I receive
Your unending grace and divine truth set me free
You always pull me closer so I’m safe from danger
You remind me I’m righteous though many times I falter
In You I’ve found my place of peace to rest
With You as my guide I won’t meet the edge of darkness
In all my imperfections all You see is beauty
In all my misdirections You’ve set Your sail to find me
I don’t know what You see in me that makes You believe I’m worthy
So I pray for a heart that follows You and patience while waiting

Drowning (Journal Entry: July 27, 2014)

I did things, big and small combined, for you. I gave things I thought would uplift your weary soul. I prayed that they would win you and save you from something I’m not sure of. All along I believed I was rescuing you. All along I told myself that maybe, just maybe, my innate and signature generosity and thoughtfulness would be the keys in doing so. I offered everything I have and everything I’m capable of doing. I made sure I told God all my reasons. I made sure I pleased Him as I please you… Later on, the realization was quite surprising. As I indulge myself in thoughts of “rescuing” you, I found myself drowning in an ocean I’m not even aware existed. Turned out it was me who needed the rescuing. It was me who needed you more. It was me who needed God more. My faith needs an overhaul. I believe I have to get back on my way to God. Soon I’ll be told of what I need to do. He has something in mind in this season of mine. I claim faith, wisdom, and courage as I recover from my unexpected yet wonderful drowning.

ebb, intransitive verb

In laughter and in pain I’ve learned to survive
In a crowd or by myself I know I’ll be alright
There are days when I feel like everything’s fine
And there are days when I just leave lonely thoughts behind
There are few things we’ve decided to just let go
There are feelings we used to savor not so long ago
With the scars and tears we’ve learned to survive
We’ll go on with life and find forgiveness in time

enough, adverb

Though the sun now shines gloriously outside
I carress pain, for my heart’s breaking up inside
You’re who I want to be with and all I desire
Still you let me chase you and I’ve gotten so tired
I’ve been thinking it over, yes, over and over
When all is said and done I’ll finally surrender
I knew that you won’t be there to catch me when I fall
I’ve taken time to consider that for you I’d stop being a fool


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