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A Dream Of Mine

Though I don’t know much for it’s all too new
You’re one sweet proof that dreams come true
You’re a dream of mine I never knew existed
You always make me feel happy and so excited

I Am Blessed

I am blessed with your attention so exclusive
I am blessed with the thoughtfulness you give
I am blessed with sweet and exciting days
I am blessed for these days reveal your face
I am blessed with our late night conversations
I am blessed to witness your weirdest expressions
I am blessed with hopefulness of a new start
I am blessed with joy of a once broken heart
I am blessed to be this close and special to you
I am blessed because you’re simple and true

Serious or Humorous

“Refrain from being serious,” you often remind me
I guess you don’t want my humor being concealed
“Ok. I’m sorry,” I apologized humbly
“But my thoughts can’t help getting into deep.”

“Of all my friends, you’re the most unpredictable,”
was your reply
I said, “I understand what you mean
but deep inside I still wonder and ask why.”

Each thought I let out represents my inner being
Each phrase has an honest thing being revealed
Serious or humorous, for me they’re the same thing
One way or another you’ll get used to dealing with it

Journal Entry: August 24, 2014

…It feels like I’m wasting time. I mean, that’s always the case. My life doesn’t add up to anything. Except, for one June morning, it did. It was another world. I want to go back there.

7 Good Morning Poems (A Collection)

Thoughts of you come anew
Gratitude I send above
Sweet prayers I whisper for you
Unlimited and free my love

This morning I prayed for you
I claim one good day you’ll have
Sweet blessings are coming through
Unlimited and free my love

I offer you my sweetness
Like one you wish for from above
So much more, nothing less
Unlimited and free my love

The sun is sure rising
My thoughts are sure expanding
To me you do something
Can you do some explaining?

You are
My first thought at the start of day
The first name I whisper as I pray
Someone next to God I want to please
Someone I can be with at ease

My love for you is afloat on this brand new morning sky
My everchanging mind has been keeping you for long
Mine is a lone beating heart and yours is a soul so alive
My somberness lets go for I now have you to ponder on

Ang panibagong umaga ay sasapit kahit pigilan ko
Ang araw ay sisikat kasabay ng pagbangon mo
Ang mga ulap ay magbibigay-daan sa tamis ng ngiti mo
Sa oras na banggitin mo ang panalangin mo
Tiyak na magigig buo na ang araw ko
Kung kasama ako sa ipinagdarasal mo

19 Goodnight Poems (A Collection)

A song that describes my feelings
Is something that I long for tonight
Instead a poem in my mind clings
I hope the words that I have are right
This is something you’ll get used to
And I don’t mind if I run out of words
I can always speak my mind to you
All I think of are praises for your worth

The sun sinks and the moon rises
This feeling I have for you will linger
I think of you while you’re about to rest
Tomorrow I’ll love you so much better

Our talks that go on and on and on
All linger in my head when I’m all alone
I don’t mind a night without “Goodnight”
I’m excited ‘coz tomorrow you’re on sight

The night proclaims it’s time to sleep
And I have to lay my thoughts to rest
With all our talks I’m left into deep
Our late night thing is what I love best

You do something to me that I can’t explain
Like I could start fires with my thoughts about you
It’s like I want you to know but I can’t be brave
I’ll just leave the guessing and figuring out to you

You might say it’s nothing
But it means the world to me
All I ask for is one thing
Please always say goodnight to me

I offer you my prayer
Like the ones you whisper above
So much sincere than ever
Unlimited and free my love

I thought of you this whole day
And even shyly texted I miss you
Tomorrow I’ll pursue a way
To be at my closest to you

What words do I have
From a weary soul
And an uneasy heart
To wish one sight
Of you tonight

How do I phrase
A text’s hollow words
For these crazy thoughts
I decide to say
To you tonight

The moonlight is jealous for I want you more than it wants you
It knows that to me you’re everything beautiful and good
Are you lost in translation of how I define what I go through?
My words and poems will guide you, trust that they would

You made me so happy today
And I really thank God for you
I hope in your thoughts I stay
Just like, in mine, you do

The heavens make a show tonight
The stars shine down for you and me
You’re one of my best things in life
Like the stars you make me so happy

You may now close your eyes
While I sing you my song
Let our silent feelings rise
Let this moment linger on

Shout or scream, do anything
I’m sorry it’s not a “one good day”
Run or hide, I’m on your side
Tomorrow we’ll throw the wrongs away

I’ve been thinking it over, yes, over and over
When all is said and done you’ll finally get over
But I promise I’ll always be there to give you one good day
And I’ll forever do things for you in my own sweet way

If heaven stretched that far I’d find other things I’m looking for
I’ll add my thoughts of you, give it all, won’t take them back
Please know that you’re the sum of all my happiness and more
You’re my favorite, sweetest blessing and that’s a fact

I pray you’ll always remember
The nights when things felt right
And I hope you’ll never ever
Let your cheerfulness be out of sight
I keep missing the words for you
For I find you breathless to conceive
It brings chills so impromptu
Whenever you appear and just leave
I wish I’ll always have you around
We’ll chase happy days together
Time to vanish our fears and doubts
We’re blessed that we have each other

The sky maybe breathtaking tonight
But in my room I’d rather stay
I stare at your pic with thoughts in mind
You undeniably made my day

Lumapat na ang dilim sa gabing hinihintay mo
May ihip ng hanging sabik dumampi sa balat mo
Patuloy sa pagtibok ang puso kong nagsusumamo
Tanging hiling sa langit ay ang kaligayahan mo

Prayer Poem (No. 8)

Father I pray You’ll help me recover
I can’t get pass the weariness I feel
I feel empty and ready to surrender
Let me be saved by Your love so real
Come to me in this time of the day
While my heart and soul are yearning
Stir my thoughts to follow Your way
For Your grace and mercy are uplifting


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