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*Mentos Strawberry Mix


I laugh at my own jokes and what I deem to be clever wit
And you don’t seem to mind that I’m really so stupid
You even do, say, and give things that uplift my spirits
And earlier you sweetly noted I remind you of strawberries

lovesick, adj.

I know deep inside that I couldn’t replicate your touch
Or be so alive or care about anyone again this much
So please stay, I’ll beg and plead if you need me to
Can’t you see I’m head over heels over feet for you?

vivid, adj.

I long for happy days in the sun
Preludes to the nights to come
I long for something fun and new
Like sweet days of being with you

conceal, trans. verb

I’m good at pretending that my heart isn’t skipping
Whenever I catch you looking my way
I’m crazy over you and I’m good at hiding
But maybe one day things won’t be the same

ponder, trans. verb

I lie down on my bed reminiscing
About all the things that you are
I hope and pray that you plan on saying
How much I mean to you so far

extreme, adj.

Let’s talk to each other til nothing’s left unspoken
Let’s drive and drive til we’ve run out of road
We could drink together til we’ve emptied the ocean
We could endure the rainy night no matter how cold
Let’s stare at each other til we both are blinded
Let’s helplessly fall til gravity gets tired
We could lose this feeling just to re-find it
We could lose ourselves and just be revived

*Some poem 3

In you I’ve found a kindred mind
In you I’ve found a joyful soul
You’re more than just a face that’s kind
In you I’ve matched my faith’s goal
Unlike the empty promises past
Unlike everything that didn’t last
Unlike the old feelings I threw away
Unlike all the sadness I left at bay
If I turn will you turn my way?
If I fall will you even care?
If I yearn will you feel me burn?
If I wander will I find you there?


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