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Prayer Poem (No. 15)

I woke up to this new day without the sun
Dim skies, clouds above, weary soul
I may be troubled but to You I hold on
Your majesty will prevail through it all
Times goes, feelings either leave or stay
You say, “My love will never leave thee”
I believe You’ll be with me all the way
From clouds and weary soul I’m set free

When I Think Of You

This moment as I wait for a miracle
I think of you
When I think of you
Clouds part to brighten my day
When I think of you
I find happiness that wants to stay
When I think of you
Blessings mark my everyday
When I think of you
Only happy thoughts remain

Prayer Poem (No. 14)

You still my soul as I kneel in Your presence
I’m made brave to love as I’m filled with peace
You helped me rise above and yearn for Your best
I’m blessed with calm thoughts and mind at ease
Your Word made Heaven real and alive in my heart
And in life’s struggles there is Your guiding light
You’ll grant me hope as I seek to play my part
And in Your way You’ll help me fix my sight

Prayer Poem (No. 13)

This time You remind me that Your promises are true
You say, “Trust My word, it’ll carry you through”
You’re my Lord and Savior and my Ultimate Lover
You say, “I won’t change, I’m the same forever”
It was You who helped me forget my pride and fear
It was You I chose and since then You’re always near
Because of Your majesty I learned to not settle for less
Because of Your holiness I learned about love at its best

Prayer Poem (No. 12)

You bring beautiful unexpected blessings
That grace my ordinary mornings
My heart can’t contain this gladness
As I wait for the coming of Your best
My mind and soul collide and agree
For I believe Your mercy dwells in me
All I know is that You love me this great
A love so vast that no scenery can paint

Journal Entry: September 11, 2014

…because I like my spot beside you. I like it that it makes me calm. And I especially like it that it makes me feel good and pre-occupied with nothing. No crowd of anything. None at all. Everything is so crowded these days – my mind included. It’s nice to stay beside you, to be alone with you, to just feel happy and safe. It’s nice to let my thoughts rest.

Prayer Poem (No. 11)

I prepare my heart for breakthrough
As I humbly pray to be filled by You
There’s no stopping Your amazing grace
As my soul worships You in this place
I take each new day as a gift from You
A pleasant blessing of Your love so true
There’s no stopping Your faithfulness
As I seek to be awed by Your presence


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