My Happy Place

I get calmed by your slightest touch
When you’re near me it’s all too much
For you know that I long for your love
And your presence is more than enough
Each moment I hope you’ll be happy
As you choose to spend time with me
I marvel at how amazing you are
So blessed to be with you this far
I stare at you and I whisper grace
Ever grateful that you’re my happy place

Prayer Poem (No. 19)

In the middle of the night I’m down on my knees
By my bed it’s to You I had my burdens released
I know You’ll prove once more that to You I matter
My refreshed faith in You will make me better
Always guide me in showing generosity and kindness
Most specially to those unworthy of such goodness
Help me soar high on wings to reach my dreams
Because at times I’m incapable of many things
Let my plans and goals be free from bitter tears
May they be fulfilled according to Your promise
For You’re the One I most desire for everyday
From Your mercy and kindness I’ll never stray

I was a cool kid!

…I remember my childhood vividly. It was fun, comedic, traumatic, terrible, and great altogether. I’ve always been the one who brought all the troubles and caused all the wounds, bruises, and scars to everyone (my siblings, cousins, some friends and classmates), and my whole body has geometrically been marked by all the punishing tools known to kids my generation. Mind you, I endured and conquered them all. Haha! Well, atleast, I believe my path got straightened and I have the coolest stories to share. Yes, they are all great stories anyway. ;)

Journaling is fun

Journaling is fun. It’s like walking down a hall in the dark looking for the light switch. Tracing the walls with your fingers you suddenly find it and you switch it on, then you discover the hallway you passed through is already papered with the novel you’ve written. It’s like that. Almost always, when you reread, you’ll get surprised with what you’ve written.

Unlabeled yet very meaningful (Journal Entry: January 10, 2015)

I realized that there are many things that do not deserve my attention and, even less, my affection, yet they matter to me. I have resolved that into the meaningful things that remain I will always pour my heart, hoping that the seeds watered with faithfulness will bear good fruit. So to this unlabeled yet very meaningful thing that we have, I pour on faithfulness. Know that you will always be pursued. I will always make you feel loved and wanted, and you will always have my attention and affection, because you are worthy.

My Good Thing (Journal Entry: January 7, 2015)

When my almost endless thinking strikes, I manage to remind myself of a plenty of good things in life. And my top most good thing happened to be you.
If I have my best friend here with me, great. And since I don’t, it’s fine, I have you, I have my good thing. If my skills or talents get appreciated by others, great. If they get praises only from you, I don’t have to feel like a loser. My skills or talents get to be appreciated by you, my good thing. If my siblings become incredibly successful and I don’t, great for us. They have their good thing and I have my own, too. I have you, and your presence in my life already defines success for me. If my generosity uplifts the days of many, great, but if it uplifts only your days, that wouldn’t be so pleasant, but I don’t have to feel wrong or insecure because you teach and help me pray for the right thing to do. My giving becomes balanced and that’s a good thing. If I become the best of myself, great. If I linger in being good, it’s fine. I can say that I am good because of you. Since I have you, my good thing, I’m not bothered of what others claim for themselves.

The love feels (Journal Entry: January 5, 2015)

If you believe like you know that I do
You’ll see you give me happiness so true
The feeling I get when you hold my hand
Is one great rush I wanna understand
So if it’s a dull day I’ll make it bright
Bring on the night and I’ll make it right
For I think we’re almost there
And our trust is growing stronger
From the day you said, “I love you”
From the moment I felt that you do
I knew that what I have for you is true
With all honesty, I really do love you too

Forehead Kiss (Journal Entry: December 22, 2014)

It’s strange when you’re told that some of your strongest longings could beĀ granted. Some say they’ll appear in dreams, and some say they’ll just happen in real life. You need proof. And while you wait, you feel the entire balance of your world tipping. That crazy. But when it’s over, when one finally comes true, say from a dream it consequently happened true to life, there’s a great feeling of relief, because that’s all you wanted, everything narrows to just that. There’s a great rush, an incredible sense of fulfillment. In that moment everything seems fine with the world. It’s amazing.