Letter Later 2014. Thoughts.

2 years ago today, I wrote myself a “letter later” which I read today.

As I expected, it was wistful and crazy funny at the same time. It brought me to tears and laughter that are extreme on both ends.

People closest to me know that I have quite a set of odd behaviors, and that I laugh at my own jokes and what I deem to be clever wit. But it really brings so much joy when I read my own bulleted thoughts that I fossilize in towering journals for years now. Add this insane letter later to the collection. Who knows? Publishing them might be the key to fortune and fame!

(Joke lang. No publishing.)

But seriously, much has already changed in my life in 2 years, though the way I wrote revealed how I never changed – still (my signature) baliw. Still, I’m thankful for all my setbacks and losses. It was the one part that sent me to my knees in prayer and tears. It brought back memories of sweet triumphs in many different battles I went through with God. Also, I noted some faith goals already answered and more yet to be achieved in God’s time.

I’m pleased that my letter generally points out all the good that came from God. More than half of it backflashes about how I happened to life because God happened to me. Recalling the past led me to the truth that my life is remarkably beautiful because even as the circumstances change, and people with different values has either stayed or left, God always chooses to stay. I’m secured because His amazing love and faithfulness are always with me, however undeserving I am, all the days of my life.

“…I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” (Jeremiah 31:3 ESV)

beauty, n. adj.


I laugh at my own jokes and what I deem to be clever wit
And you don’t seem to mind that i’m really just too childish
You always say, give, and do things that uplift my spirits
And today’s beauty is one of your many sweetest deeds