On Valuing Relationships

Do your best to value what’s most important while you have the time and every opportunity because life is too short.

“What is most important?,” you ask.


On my deathbed…
•I wouldn’t wish I spent more time spilling my thoughts on my notebooks.

•I wouldn’t wish I bought more watches, ate more gelatos, or forever saved money for my dream car.

•I wouldn’t wish I slept, ate, or travelled more.

I know there’ll be regrets but I don’t want them to be the relationships I should have paid more attention to, the thank yous and I love yous I should have said, and the blessings I should have shared.

As I always mention, on your deathbed the only things you’ll have around you are the relationships you built. Learn to value them while you have every chance today.

Prayer Poem (No. 26) *Inspired by Psalms 84

How lovely is Your dwelling place dear Lord
My soul yearns and faints for Your courts
Those who dwell in Your house have blessings to behold
Those whose strength is in You are never lost
You go with Your people from place to place
And on Your annointed one you look with favor
Staying in Your courts bring on the better days
For You’re a sun and shield, bestowing honor