Prayer Poem No. 30

As the night arrives I’m down on my knees

By my bed it’s to You I had my burdens released

Prove once more that to You I matter

My refreshed faith will make me better

Always guide me to show generosity and kindness

Especially to those unworthy of such goodness

Help me soar high on wings to reach my dreams

For at times I’m incapable of many things

Let my plans and goals be free from bitter tears

May they be fulfilled according to Your promise

For You’re the One I most desire everyday

From Your love and mercy I’ll never stray


Journal Entry, May 21, 2017

​”When you’re in love, you enjoy almost everything and anything with the one you love. It always feels amazing and complete. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how simple your accomplishment is, or how terrible the view, or if the narrative of the movie bores, or if the taste of the dessert sucks. If you’re with the one you love, you always find joy.”

Sing My Name

The rain starts to fall down

The clouds slowly change their hue

This old world still spins around

It knows how much I love you

Cold wind collides with the summer night

The rainy days will linger

Like the hurt that doesn’t feel right

Love will replace it for the better

You can sing my name, it’s alright

Yes, just like a love song

Or let me pick a song tonight

I’ll sing to make your worries be gone

Wake up tomorrow and while it rains

Sing my name with your eyes closed

Worry no more, forget the pain

I’m here now, it’s you I chose

You can sing my name, it’s alright

Make it sound like a love song

Or pick a song for us tonight

To be our lullabye all night long

Holy Week 2017, Healing Prayer Poem No. 7

You’re my Lord, my God, my King

Apart from You I have no good thing

I praise Your counsel and instructions

I’m secured and will not be shaken

You’ve assigned my portion and my cup

Delighted that they’re more than enough

The path of blessed life is with You

And songs of joy I can sing to

In Your refuge, I’m healed and safe

You won’t abandon me to the grave

Eternal pleasures are at Your hand

And hope where my future stands

Holy Week 2017, Healing Prayer Poem No. 6

I exalt You, for You have lifted me up

I called to You for help and I was healed

I sing You praises, hands pointing above

For I was raised and spared from the pit

I may weep tonight but I’ll rejoice tomorrow

I claim that Your favor will embrace me

Your mercy and grace cast away my sorrow

With thanksgiving and joy You’ll clothe me

I stand firm for I know You are my help

Your promises prove Your faithfulness

My heart will sing and not be silent

Only to You I’ll forever give thanks

Holy Week 2017, Healing Prayer Poem No. 5

Today I’m reminded of Your promises so true

You say, “Trust My word, it’ll help you through”

You’re my Lord and Savior, and my Ultimate Lover

You say, “I don’t change, I’m the same forever”

You helped me forget my pride and fear

I chose You and since then You’re always near

Your majesty taught me not to settle for less

From Your mercy I receive healing at its best