Journal Entry, January 5, 2018

“At work today I found out that my request for my (worn-out, 9 year old) Trodat’s much needed replacement is rejected. I got angry-pissed at once. All I had in mind was the thought of how stupid and unfair it was to reject such simple yet important request. 

I was witnessed by my colleagues practically growling at the work station as I angrily stated my case to them. I talked mad and even threw stuff (which was unnecessary). Obviously, calmness in the midst of adversities is the one thing that I so thoroughly lack. I thank God for the grace to slowly snap out of it and to realize what an idiot I was being.

Our decisions and actions reveal so much about our values. Sometimes it saddens me to think that mine aren’t so noble at all, no matter how I imagine and declare them to be. If we’re honest, we’ll accept that we don’t really have the best actions all the time. For though we claim to have noble intentions, our irritations or annoyances reveal that we’re much more careless and small-minded than we care to admit.

So today I re-learned 2 things:

1. The world is driven by self-interest so it’s best to challenge myself to be different by delivering values daily; and

2. Calm people are just self-controlled people. Self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.”


Journal Entry, December 31, 2017

“…God’s love is His free gift to us and it will heal us everywhere we hurt. Instead of dwelling on our pains, we must give them all to God and, in return, witness how He will faithfully restore everything that was lost. We just need to trust and appreciate the many ways He speaks to us. It’s true that our pain has a purpose. Our problems, struggles, heartaches, and hassles cooperate toward one end – the glory of God.

“Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give Me glory.” (Psalm 50:15 NLT)”

Journal Entry, December 30, 2017

“…I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the Bible supports this saying. I also think that some things are meant to be imperfect. It’s the universe’s way of providing contrast – having a few holes in the road and some twists and turns. It’s how life is. Because if everything’s always smooth and perfect, we’d get too used to that. We’ll end up living and then dying having only done the same, old, not all the time useful routines. We’ve got to have a little bit of disorganization every now and then. Otherwise, we’ll never really enjoy it when things go right. And remember, people will always have an opinion about us, the things we do, and how we handle life. But we live our lives for the Lord – whether it’s a life that’s perfect or imperfect – to please Him, not people.”

Journal Entry, December 29, 2017

Today I declare that I’m strong in the Lord and the power of His might! I am favored, prosperous, healed, and blessed.

■ I am favored not because I insist on having things happen for me however or whenever I want them to. I am favored because I long and pray for God’s will in my life.

■ I am prosperous not because I know and apply all the professional steps in saving for my future. I am prosperous because I aspire to never fail in honoring God with my wealth.

■ I am healed not because I have the best doctors and medicines in the world. I am healed because the Healer that I ever need has already died on the cross for me to give me healing and life everlasting.

■ I am blessed not because I do not suffer, have no pain, and do not lack. I am blessed because my suffering leads to unfailing hope, my pain leads me towards righteousness, and my lack leads to humility.

Journal Entry, December 9, 2017

This day I read my past journals and learned that most of the things that I hoped for and wanted to always remember are the same things that I still hope for and strive to always remember today.

So once more, I hope…

■ that my being teachable and curious make me smart(er);

■ that my being talented and crafty make me (more) amazing;

■ that my being punctual and industrious make me (more) efficient (*at work);

■ that my being sacrificial and kind make me (more) loving;

■ and, that my generosity (richly) bless (more) people in need.


■ May I always remember that it is God who blesses me with all of the wonderful and amazing things in life.

■ May I always remember to be thankful for mercies and little blessings.

■ May I always remember my loved ones’ faces, voices, and affections in each day that we get in touch.

■ May I always remember to honor my parents.

■ May I always remember to always give back to the Lord.

■ May I always remember to pray in all circumstances.

■ May I always remember to forgive and forgive.

■ May I always remember to always love.

Journal Entry, November 11, 2017

“…The best way to love is to love wholeheartedly. Offer kindness, take care of each other, and always give your best. Problems do come so make sure you work hard together on solving them. There will be sad times, but if both of you choose to always lean on the positive side, the good times will outnumber them. It’s not the worst thing in the world to get your heart wounded for a time. It’s worse to lose the love of your life by being careless and unmindful of such a special thing.”

#SinglesDay thoughts 😁

Journal Entry, October 14, 2017

Unknown to some, I’m the eldest of the Linsangan siblings. Oh yes, I am.

Now that we’re older, (and hopefully, wiser), I ponder on our childhood days, assess our present, and somehow try to imagine our future in the most exciting sense.

Looking back…

My twin, Kat, was a really bright, honor-student-all-the-way, gentle pretty girl;

Pao, as a kid, was charmingly good at solving Math equations that were thrown at him – most especially during grocery time. He was gifted with a very huge appetite also; and

Kian, a boy with ADHD, managed to stay calm with his fellow fishermen (which is Papa’s age group), and show off his impressive dancing skills as well.

I witness how these gifts have been flourishing in the bigger stage of real life in the present, and I’m ever excited to see more of what they’ll accomplish.

On the other hand, I still don’t know the purpose for why I’m the best-looking, smartest, and most talented of the siblings eversince but hey, some things we can’t understand, we can only enjoy. 😛