You Can Close Your Eyes

The sun has started sinking down

The moon slowly changes hue

This old world still spins around

It knows how much I love you
The night and the summer wind collide

You whisper caressing prayers

That hurt feeling that you just can’t hide

Won’t stay with you forever
You can close your eyes, it’s alright

I won’t be singing a love song

But I can make this a song tonight

And you can sing it when I’m gone
It won’t be long before another morning

And no one’s gonna take it away

Fulfilled promises are finally coming

They hum sweetly as the better days
You can close your eyes, it’s alright

I won’t be singing a love song

But I can make this a song tonight

And you can sing it when I’m gone

Prayer Poem (No. 29)

In my head Your voice encircles the night

Your faithful promises keep me alive

There’s joy like that of a dream come true

In many ways that only come from You

You speak to me like a familiar touch

In my heart and soul they’re all too much

Give me a moment to catch my breath

Pride and delight You bring as one set

I don’t know what the coming days hold

In Your awesome might, my heart beholds

There’s a smile that I won’t ever miss nor lose

True love awaits for it’s You I choose

Prayer (Journal Entry, September 11, 2016)

Father, help me to always open my heart and mind to the Holy Spirit’s constant reminder that true happiness comes from You alone.

If my life is going great, may I happily enjoy Your blessings and share them with others.

If times are tough, may I choose to be equally happy knowing that the problems are just molding me (to be righteous in Your sight) and will eventually go away.

When others hurt me, You are the God who heals me. Help me refrain from allowing every hurt to plague my heart. Teach me to always love through the pain and choose to walk in Your will.

May I always hold on to Your truth that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived what You have in store for Your faithful ones; that You have promised me a problem-free life in heaven – forever – with You.

May I choose to be happy with You, no matter what is going on around me and up until the day You say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


No bedroom door

​A article brought back one distinct childhood memory of mine. It was about some parents’ ingenious solution to finally stop their teenage son from slamming the bedroom door. Their solution for a youthful indiscipline was to saw their son’s door in half. What a way.

I remember my childhood vividly. It was fun, comedic, traumatic, terrible, and great altogether. I’ve always been the one who brought all the troubles and caused all the wounds, bruises, and scars to everyone (my siblings, cousins, some friends and classmates), and my whole body has geometrically been marked by all the punishing tools known to kids my generation. Mind you, I endured and conquered them all. Well, atleast, I believe my path got straightened and I have the coolest stories to share. Yes, they are all great stories anyway.

What about our (*I shared bedroom with my twin sister) door?, you ask. Dad had it removed from highschool to college. It was MY punishment. The poor twin had to endure it with me. Long years of not having a door was altogether difficult and insanely funny.